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Assembly of Attractive Assets

The Company has targeted specific mineral lease assets based on low-cost, shallow drilling opportunities, located in previously developed oil fields to minimize risk. By assembling assets with the focus on Proven Undeveloped Reserves (“PUD”), the Company believes it is poised to rapidly increase production and cash flow. The portfolio of lease holdings is now approximately 17,680 acres north of Casper, Wyoming, with the Austin Chalk drilling program to add another 100 acres.

Well Positioned for Growth

Based on existing acreage, FE has identified approximately 130 drilling locations that FE believes are either PUD or probable reserves. FE has identified additional acquisition targets to be pursued once its initial drilling and development plan has been executed. FE’s drilled one horizontal Niobrara shale oil well in 2008 and conservatively plans to drill 6 vertical wells in 2009/2010.

Experienced Management Team

The Company’s management team has diversified experience in business, which is of high value to the Company. Additionally, FE has some highly experienced oil and gas scientists and managers as consultants who have worked with Fortune 500 and established international companies.

Significant Employee Investment

All corporate officers and many employees own stock or stock options. As a result, the management team and other employees have interests that are aligned with those of the stockholders.





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